Retrofit of electric motors and generators is a critical process to modernize obsolete or inefficient electric machines. It is a cost-effective way to extend the life of existing electric motors and generators while improving their performance. At ELIN Motors, a retrofit process involves the complete or partial disassembly of the existing machine, followed by installing modern components and integrating new technologies. This improves the performance of the motor or generator while increasing its energy efficiency, resulting in a reduction in energy consumption. Another benefit of the retrofit process is the increased reliability and uptime of the machine. By replacing obsolete or defective components, the risk of unplanned downtime is minimized, resulting in higher productivity and reduced operating costs.

“Retrofitting electric motors and generators is a sustainable approach to extending the life of machines and optimizing their performance, which helps save costs and reduces environmental impact.”

Manfred Schlagbauer, Director Business Division Service at ELIN Motoren.

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You must consider several factors in a retrofit process, including compatibility of new components with the existing machine and compliance with safety and environmental standards. Our technical experts can help advise you on whether and which retrofit solution is right for you.

  • Active parts (stator and rotor)
  • Housing
  • Shaft
  • End shield
  • Bearing
  • Fan
  • Terminal box, auxiliary terminal box
  • Sensors (temperature, vibration, etc.)
  • Standstill heating (optional)
  • Additional equipment according to customer requirements
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