The ELIN Motoren company policy is a set of clearly established rules and guidelines which define the way we operate. It takes into account all parties and provides a framework of set objectives. All employees worldwide at every level in the organization comply to continuously act in accordance with these guidelines.

Our Customers

Supporting our customers to continuously succeed is the peak of our efforts. We provide innovative products and services which perfectly meet our customers’ requirements. The communication at all points of contact and the management of each customer interaction is performed in a reliable and professional manner. We strive for long-term business relationships characterized by fairness, mutual respect and trust.

Our Stakeholders

We systematically identify the requirements of all stakeholders and take corresponding measures to meet them. ELIN Motoren commits themselves, and reciprocally demand the same level of commitment from all employees at every level in the organization, to fulfilling all requirements continuously.

Our Employees

At ELIN Motoren, all employees at every level in the organization are responsible for meeting the requirements in terms of performance and quality. We are aware that the skills, competencies and the motivation of our employees give us the crucial competitive edge over our competitors. To maintain this advantage, we invest in continually improving the set of skills and competencies of our employees in relevant areas and motivate innovative ideas.

We ensure and constantly improve safe work conditions and do our very best to prevent work-related injuries. Furthermore, we provide fair and inclusive conditions of employment to avoid inequity. We continuously strive to eliminate potential hazards and attempt to reduce safety risks below industry average. We actively promote the consultation and participation of employees and their representatives in OHS topics.

Our Management System

We use a sophisticated integrated management system to ensure quality, environmental and occupational health and safety as well as to successfully meet the requirements of all the parties we are in contact with. Our management system is continually reviewed and improved in order to optimize economically, environmentally, occupationally, quality and safety-related performances.

The ELIN Motoren Management System is implemented at all of our factories and affiliates worldwide. We can thus ensure that all facilities within ELIN Motoren operates in accordance with the same standards. In order to meet local regulations and conditions, the requirements in the EMS are adapted correspondingly.

Our Supply Chain

ELIN Motoren strives to establish long-term partnerships with suppliers to proactively ensure that all relevant requirements concerning quality, price and lead time are met. Moreover, we are aware of the impact of our business activities on society and environment and thus expect our business partners to conduct business in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Our Environment

ELIN Motoren strives to prevent pollution by reducing waste, energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases as much as possible in order to become a climate-neutral enterprise. Further,
ELIN Motoren aims to identify ecological and economic potentials for improving our production processes and minimizing the environmental impact of our operational activities.