The product range in the field of nuclear power plants covers low and high voltage engines (400 V to 15.000 V) of a performance range starting from 37 kW up to 35.000 kW as well as synchronous generators up to 15.000 V with a performance range up to 65.000 kVA.

ELIN Motoren supplies both non-safety-classified as well as safety-classified engines in various configurations. Applications for accidental releases (e.g. steam leaks such as LOCA, ANLE), earthquakes or ‘downgraded ambient conditions’ (e.g. radiation leaks) are qualified via calculations and/or tests and individually adjusted and performed according to the particular requirements of the application / reactor type.

Existing qualifications for the handling with increased temperatures, high humidity, steam or radiation leaks allow the qualification of the latest applications without time-consuming tests.

Operational requirements in the event of an earthquake are detected via computational methods.

Engines For Standard Operation Of The Plant As Well As Accidental Releases

  • Power Unit For Primary Water Pump/Main Cooling Pump
  • Feed-Water Pump, Condensate Pump, Approach Feed Water Pump
  • Main And Auxiliary Cooling Water Pump
  • Auxiliary Drive In Nuclear And Conventional Island (Condensate Vacuum Pump, Pumps For Closed Cooling Water Circuits, Auxiliary Pumps In Feed Water And Condensate Circuit, Bus Duct Fans, HVAC-Fans, Turbine Gear Motors)
  • Safety Drives Such As Containment Heat Removal Pumps, Safety Injection Pumps, Boric Injection Pumps, Emergency Diesel Generators
  • Motor/Generator Sets

Our Expertise In Nuclear Power Plant Technology

  • Compliance and long-term management of highest quality standards, policies KTA 1401, RCC-E, NSQ, NQA-1, ISO 19443
  • Individual adjustment of models according to specification requirements
  • Extensive knowledge of policy on nuclear power plants worldwide
  • Extensive knowledge concerning method of calculation and qualification
  • Extensive knowledge and compliance of document requirements
  • Highest standards in implementation  of weldment and varnish
  • Existing qualifications for accidental releases (LOCA, ANLE, radiation/irradiation)
  • Adjustment to existing intersections and reconstruction of existing qualifications (retrofit and replacement engine)
Individual Manufacturing of Generators and Electric Motors For Nuclear Power Plants

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures customized generators and generator single components (stators / rotors) for your specific requirements!

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