Regular maintenance of generators and motors is critical for efficient and reliable performance. An essential part of this maintenance is checking and, if necessary, replacing the windings. The windings are the heart of any electric motor or generator. They consist of electrically conductive wires wound around the core of the motor. If the windings are damaged or worn, it can cause the motor to malfunction or, in the worst case, fail.

Winding replacement is costly and requires careful work to ensure that the motor or generator operates correctly. An experienced electrician will carefully remove the old windings and insulation and wrap the new windings around the core. Refurbishment of existing laminations is also part of the scope of services here. The engine will then be tested to ensure it is functioning correctly to provide efficient and reliable service for a long time.

We recommended having the generator or engine serviced and tested regularly to identify and correct potential problems early. Regular maintenance and testing will extend the machine’s life and reduce the need for significant repairs. Contact us for detailed information or advice.


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