Our product portfolio in the field of tunnel boring machines comprises liquid-cooled three-phase induction motors in low voltage, performance range of 37 up to 2.500 kW with common pole numbers and structures as well as protection types up to IP67, if required also ex-d. The closed cooling systems by ELIN Motoren are used worldwide for tunnel boring machines as they have excelled under the most strenuous of conditions.

We offer both industry-related standard solutions as well as special construction models redefining the term ‘customer designed’. The compact design of our products saves space and weight, is noise-reduced and robust towards outside influences thus rendering cost-intensive air supply systems / exhaust-air systems redundant.

Water-Jacket Cooled Motors For Tunnel Boring Machines

In regard to tunnel boring machines, water-jacket cooled motors are employed as the underground natural heat loss of the engines can only be carted with sophisticated ventilation. Water cooling allows full weight, even on low rotation speed. Water as a cooling medium in general is also used for the built-in gearbox.

Cutter-head motor with integrated torque limiter

Get more detailed information about our latest product MKH SafeSet for the tunneling market.

Individual Manufacturing Of Electric Motors For Tunnel Boring Machines

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures electric drives for your specific requirements!

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