Low Voltage, Asynchronous Motor With Squirrel Cage Rotor, Water-Cooled

Technical details
300 – 2000 rpm
CSA-C22.2 No.100-14
up to 1 kV
up to 3000 kW
  • Possible execution standards IEC 60034, CSA C22.2 No.100 – 14, UL 1004, according to NEMA MG1
  • Welded casing, water-cooled stator with additional internal cooling circuit (radial fan NDE-sided on motor shaft)
  • IEC size 630
  • Performance range up to 3.000 kW
  • Rotational-speed range in operation with VFD 300 – 2000 r/min
  • Voltage up to 1.000 V
  • Standard design IM B3 (IM1001),  special design available on demand
  • Protection type up to IP65
  • Insulation class/temperature rise H
  • High efficiency according to international standards
  • Additional equipment: all common temperature and vibration sensors, various encoders and radial shaft seals
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