The portfolio in the field of industrial motors for the metal industry covers engines for all drives and power units in steel and rolling mills. The metal industry prefers the use of water-cooled engines. Glowing steel, maximum ambient temperatures and different operating modes require reliable and robust electric motors. Installed shredders make high demands on the manufacturing of motors due to the high vibration level and the aforementioned various operating modes. ELIN Motoren stand out due to profound industry expertise and manufacture engines made in Austria for renowned global players in the field while abstaining from the use of standard series engines.

Application Fields In The Metal Industry (Steel And Roller Mills):

  • Primary Metals
  • Hot Rolls
  • Cold Rolls
  • Processing Lines
  • Roller Mills
  • Fans, e.g. Oven Fans
  • Drives For Raw Material Conveyors
Individual Manufacturing Of Electric Motors For The Metal Industry

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