ELIN Motoren designs and manufactures air-cooled and water-cooled asynchronous motors with short-circuit and slip ring rotors as well as highly efficient PM synchronous motors and generators for the marine industry and various applications. ELIN Motoen offers drive solutions between the ranges of 200 kW up to 35 MW.

We offer customer-specific engineering services such as design, order processing and operation. The advantages of our individual machines are optimized engine design, low weight, highest degree of efficiency, durability as well as the highest level of reliability in operation.

Another vital part of our portfolio covers certified drive solutions according to the ‘International Association Of Classification Societies’ (IACS) such as ABS, DNV, LR, BV and further applications for the marine industry. The technical know-how and our profound and thorough experience in this field make us one of the global industry experts. As a result of our commitment combined with the highest of quality standards, we offer our customers unique benefits by choosing us as their partner. Our references and experiences are known worldwide such as projects on scientific research vessels, hybrid driving concepts for the marine industry as well as offshore support vessels (OSV) for wind farms in the North Sea or as support for the Navy, just to name a few.

Marine propulsion systems can be operated in various ways, with the choice of propulsion system depending on factors such as the size and purpose of the vessel and economic and environmental conditions. Main propulsion systems for diesel-electric ships require high efficiency and customized solutions. ELIN Motoren manufactures asynchronous and low-speed PM synchronous machines to drive trains without a gearbox efficiently. Our products are used for different applications on ships, such as main propulsion, thruster drives, PTI/PTO hybrid concepts, and auxiliary drives like winches, suction dredgers, or compressors.

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Cooling Systems For Marine Motors

Cooling Systems For Open Machines 

  • Air-Cooled
  • Air-Cooled with One-Sided Pipe Connection
  • Air-Cooled With Two-Sided Pipe Connection
  • Air-Cooled With Weather Protection Construction

Cooling Systems For Closed Machines

  • Air-Air Cooled
  • Air-Water Cooled
  • Tube-Cooled
  • Surface-Cooled
  • Water-Jacket Cooled
  • Water-Cooled


Another part of our portfolio covers certified drive solutions according to standards of ‘International Association of Classification Societies’ (IACS) such as ABS, DNV, LR, BV. Due to our long experience and our demand for highest quality we offer our customers competent consulting and support in certification. Our references and experiences reach worldwide – Electric Machines for projects electric propulsion concepts on LNG or research vessels, hybrid propulsion concepts for shipping as well as for Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) for wind farms in the North Sea or to support the Navy. Inland ferries are also powered by electric motors from ELIN Motoren.

Marine Certificates (extract): DNV, Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, ABS, Korean Register, CCS, CRS, IRS, PRS, RINA, RMRS, NK, etc.

Following Electric Motors Can Be Used in The Maritime Industry

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