The objective in the oil and gas industry is to reduce Co2 emission in favor of hydrocarbon-based media. ELIN Motoren unites these objectives with the vision to employ processes and products in a much more sustainable way.

Our customers benefit from an extensive product range for various applications such as oil and gas production, logistics of oil, gas and further hydrocarbon-based media as well as the complete conversion of the latter in refineries.

Aside from low and high voltage asynchronous motors, which can be offered in both air and water-cooled structures, safety is the most important consideration. Therefore, ELIN Motoren offers a vast range of explosion-proof engines. Protection types such as Exeb, Exec, Exd (low voltage only) and Exp are available to our customers.

Individual Manufacturing Of Electric Motors For Petrochemistry

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures customized electric drives for your specific requirements!

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