Generators And Electric Motors For Thermic Power Plants

ELIN Motoren manufactures synchronous and asynchronous generators for steam-, gas- and ORC-turbines in stone coal and brown coal power plants, gas power plants, oil power plants as well as gas and steam turbine power plants.

Our generators cover a performance range from 1.000 kVA up to 65 MVA, the field ‘low voltage’ spanning from 400 V to 690 and ‘high voltage’ covering 2300 V up to 15.000 V. Synchronous generators can be provided in the ex protection types Ex-n, Ex-e and Ex-p.

Highest efficiency and reliability as well as individual adjustment possibilities according to the demands and requirements on-site makes ELIN Motoren stand out.

Performance Field ‘Synchronous’ Generators

Individual Manufacturing Of Electric Motors For Thermic Power Plants

For every single inquiry, ELIN Motoren offers specific and customized solutions. You only receive individually manufactured engines custom-built according to project specifications. The result always is the highest degree of reliability, performance and endurance of our products.

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