ELIN Motoren manufactures generators within the performance range of 2 up to 15 MW which are used in wind turbines of well-renowned turbine manufacturers in on- and offshore wind farms.

Generators by ELIN Motoren stand out due to their compact construction and maximum service life. The design is electro-magnetically, thermically, structure-dynamically as well as constructively adapted to the wind station. In order to facilitate this, our engineers are in close contact with our customers throughout the entire design and engineering process ensuring high-quality end products as well as smooth operation.

For ELIN Motoren, the field ‘wind power station’ is a highly vital factor in the risk-balance business model. The development projects leading to new approaches and solutions in this field are integrated into the design paradigm of all motors developed by ELIN Motoren.

Wind Generator Types For Wind Power Stations

  • Squirrel-cage rotor directly from the mains MKL / MKM
  • Squirrel-cage rotor generator full-scale converter MKL / MKM
  • Double-fed asynchronous machine MRL / MRM
  • Electrically-excited salient-pole synchronous machine MSL / MSM
  • PM–synchronous machine full-scale converter w/wo AFE MPSF

For the use as wind generators in the form of series or single prototypes, generally any types of machines can be considered. In total, more than 20.000 wind power generators by ELIN Motoren are in employment globally.

The double-fed asynchronous machine has a long tradition in wind power stations, however, in recent years there has been a development towards PM generators. In any case, air or water-cooled systems, similar to those for asynchronous motors, are used.

Individual Manufacturing Of Wind Generators For Wind Power Stations

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures customized solutions for your specific requirements!

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