Generators For Various Power Production Systems In Renewable Energy

We offer individual synchronous and asynchronous generators for various power production systems in the performance range starting from 1.000 kVA up to 65 MVA, the field ‘low voltage’ spanning from 400 V to 690 and ‘high voltage’ covering 2300 V up to 15.000 V, four-pole and multiple-pole engines with built-in planetary gear (Epack).

Our synchronous and asynchronous generators made for electric energy production stand out due to their particularly high efficiency and reliability. Synchronous generators are used worldwide for steam turbines, gas turbines as well as ORC-turbines. The performance spectrum covers four-pole 1000 kVA up to 65 MVA.  Synchronous generators can be provided in the ex protection types Ex-n, Ex-e and Ex-p.

We offer solutions for the following power plant systems:

  • Biomass Power Plant
  • Biogas Plant
  • Distance-Heating Power Plant
  • Geothermic Power Plant
  • Thermic Solar Power Plant
  • Thermic Waste Recycling Plant
  • Energy Storage
  • Hydrogen

Synchronous Generators for Gas- and Steam Turbines

We at ELIN Motoren are experts for synchronous generators for the gas and steam turbine industry. The performance range spans four-pole from 1.000 kVA up to 65 MVA by nominal voltage of 400 V / 690 V or 2300 V up to 15 kV. Depending on performance, generators are conducted as drum- or salient-pole machines. Our engines are adjusted to individual customer requirements and can thus be joined together with various different turbines. By standard, synchronous generators are equipped with a brushless excitation system. The delivery of a static excitation is possible on demand.

Little vibration behavior and low sound emissions are only two of the ample advantages of generators by ELIN Motoren. Our know-how and experience in the manufacturing of generators have made us one of the top go-to partners in the field of power plant technology worldwide.

Further, our customers benefit from the possibility to purchase digital voltage regulators by ELIN Motoren which are put into operation by our experts. On demand, we supply complete generator control cabinets including regulator, generator protection and synchronization.

Characteristics And Advantages Of Our Generators

  • High efficiency
  • Reliability and highest quality standards
  • Availability of all common constructions; degree of protection and cooling systems
  • Customized generators
  • Individual adjustment
  • Implementation for explosive areas of Zone 1 and 2 in protection types Ex ‘px’ and Ex ‘pz’
  • Increased safety ex ‘e’ and protection type ex ‘nA’ according to ATEX Guideline 2014/34/EU, IECEx Scheme and series of standards IEC/EN 60079 ff
  • Adjustment to existing parts (Retrofit)
  • 24-hour service from our experts

Motors for Thermic Power Plants, Biomass Plants and Stations for Renewable Energy Production

As a full-service provider, we support all stations and enterprises in the supply chain of renewable energy with a vast range of engine solutions. Our product portfolio covers asynchronous motors with performance ranges up to 35 MW and voltage levels up to 15 kV.

In respect of cooling systems, ELIN Motoren offers an amplitude of air-cooled standard solutions (from IC01 to IC411, IC511 and IC611), water-cooled IC81W and water-jacket cooling electric motors as well as special solutions such as auxiliary fans (IC616 , IC666 etc.).

Motors For Power Plant Pumps

  • 380 V – 15.000 V, (55 kW) – 35.000 kW, all common cooling solutions
  • Boiled Feed Water Pumps
  • Main Cooling Water Pumps
  • Condensate Pumps
  • Circulation Pumps
  • Distance Heat Pumps

Motors For Fans And Compressors In Power Plant Technology

  • 380 V – 15.000 V, (55 kW) – 35.000 kW, all common cooling solutions
  • ID Fans
  • FD Ventilators
  • Recirculation Ventilators
  • Oxidizing Air Compressors

Individual Engine Manufacturing And Special Solutions For Your Applications

  • Special solution for limited initial current, in particular torque request and requirement according to undervoltage
  • Adjustment to design & specification / existing adjustment
  • VFD solutions
Individual Manufacturing of Electric Motors For Renewable Energy Power Plants

ELIN Motors develop and manufacture customized generators and generator single components (stators / rotors) for your specific requirements!

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