PTO/PTI hybrid propulsion is an advanced form of marine propulsion that utilizes a combination system of a diesel or biofuel-powered main propulsion system and an electric machine. The diesel engine on the vessel is supported by a highly efficient and flexible electric machine to generate maximum efficiency and drivetrain life. Depending on operating and power requirements, the electric machine coupled to the diesel engine operates in engine mode (PTI). It generates additional thrust for the propulsion propeller or in generator mode (PTO) and supplies electrical power to the shipboard components. Both modes of operation provide lower CO2 emissions for the ship and can be realized with the help of an ELIN Motoren engine-mounted machine.

Electric Motors In Hybrid Propulsion Systems

Electric machines for hybrid propulsion systems on ships must be specifically designed for marine applications and meet several requirements to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

ELIN Motoren specializes in low-voltage squirrel-cage induction machines for PTO-PTI hybrid systems with gearboxes. The use of water cooling allows the machine to be compact and lightweight. In addition, it is robust against external environmental conditions such as dirt and air temperature in the machine room. At ELIN Motoren, the machines are individually tailored to the system solution, thus ensuring maximum efficiency over the entire operating range. Our water-jacket cooled machines also score with low noise and low vibration emissions.

  • Performance range: 150 – 8.000 kW
  • Voltage range: 400 – 11.000 V
  • Speed range: 400 – 3600 rpm

Improved energy efficiency and flexibility through hybrid marine propulsion systems

PTO-PTI solutions reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions at the same time. The PTO-PTI propulsion system functions as a stand-alone unit or as a support for other engine units in the ship, depending on the operating mode. The same engines can be used flexibly in a wide variety of configurations, allowing the drive to be adapted time and again for specific requirements. It is also easy to install and maintain, as all components are particularly robust and low-maintenance. And thanks to its modularity, the drive can be easily connected or retrofitted to other systems.

So there are plenty of reasons for ships of all sizes to consider installing a hybrid propulsion system based on the PTO/PTI system. In summary, the main advantages for ships to meet the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) goals for sustainable and green shipping:


ELIN Motoren is holds various renowned certifications of the maritime industry.

Certificates (extract): IEC, EX, UL, SA, EAC, PCEC, CCS, CRS, IRS, PRS, RINA, RMRS, etc.

Marine Certificates (extract): DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, ABS, Korean Register, etc.

Individual Manufacturing Of PTO-PTI-Hybrid Systems

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures customized electric motors for your specific requirements!

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