ELIN Motoren manufactures synchronous generators for various hydro turbines (Francis, Kaplan, Pelton) with complementary force and high runaway speed in vertical and horizontal arrangement. Synchronous generators with static excitation and FC operation are as much part of the generator portfolio as asynchronous generators for small hydropower and asynchronous motors used for frequency converter operations for pumped storage applications.

Synchronous And Asynchronous Generators For Water Power Turbines

Performance Field ‘Synchronous’ Generators

For hydropower, we produce high-voltage synchronous generators, four-pole to multipole, spanning from 1.000 kVA up to 30.000 kVA, in both horizontal and vertical configuration. Special equipment with salient poles are manufactured on demand specifically to our customer’s needs. By standard, synchronous generators are equipped with a brushless excitation system. The delivery of a static excitation is possible on demand.

Performance Field ‘Asynchronous’ Generators

For hydropower, we produce low- and high-voltage asynchronous generators, eight-pole to multipole, spanning from 100 up to 1.500 kW. Our delivery program is designed for a voltage range starting from 400 V up tp 15.000 V and for line frequencies betweeen 50 Hz and 60 Hz.

Individual Adjustment and Highest Quality Standards

Our engines are designed to individual requirements and can thus be coupled with various different water power turbines.

Little vibration behavior and low sound emissions are only two of the ample advantages of generators by ELIN Motoren. Our know-how and experience in the manufacturing of generators have made us one of the top go-to partners in the field of hydropower operations worldwide.

You can also purchase digital voltage regulators at ELIN Motoren. We deliver complete generator control cabinets on demand including voltage regulators, generator protection and synchronization. We also supply our customers with the adequate frequency converter concerning pump storage power applications.

  • High Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Highest Quality Standards
  • High Endurance
  • Individually Adjusted Generators
  • Adjustment to Existing Intersections (Retrofit)
  • Assembly On-Site
  • 24-Hour Service
Individual Manufacturing of Generators for Water Power Plants

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures customized generators and generator single components (stators / rotors) for your specific requirements!

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