High Voltage Salient Pole Synchronous Generator, Externally Cooled

Technical details
up to 15 kV
up to 15 MVA
up to 50 poles
  • Execution standard IEC 60034
  • Common cooling techniques IC97W (circultion via separate and independent cooling refrigerant) or IC46W (closed circulation and auxiliary fan)
  • IEC size up to 2000
  • Performance range up to 15 MVA
  • Number of poles: up to 50 poles
  • Voltage up to 15.000 V
  • Standard design IM5210, special design available on demand
  • Protection type up to IP68 (final assembly)
  • Insulation class: stator F or H / rotor F (H on demand)
  • Salient pole-rotor
  • Brushless AC-exciter with PMG, various AVRs
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