In the field of water industry, in particular vertical, tube-cooled engines are used. We at ELIN Motoren are proud of the thorough experience in the manufacturing of IP68 motors together with the leading producer of submersible pumps. Our experts in the manufacturing of engines create detailed designs for the particular field of applications and guarantee energy-efficient and CO2-friendly applications. Our service presence on-site make us your reliable go-to partner in any situation.

Electric Motors For The Water Industry

  • IP68 submersible pumps for pump drive systems
  • Pump drive systems for all pumping systems – solutions for industrial water treatment, desalination plants, sewage sater-, transport pump- and excavation solutions
  • Highlights: IP68 motor, vertical, tube-cooled motors IC511
  • Inclined motors for excavation solutions

Motors For Rainwater Storage Tanks, Sewerage Systems And Sewage Works

Over the last couple of years, the patterns and intensities of precipitation in many regions of our planet have altered due to climate change and its impact caused by industrialization and urbanization. To the same degree, the risk of flash flood has increased continuously in recent years.

Many regions worldwide more and more struggle with the devastating effects of heavy rainfall, flooding and flash floods as a consequence of climate change, industrialization and urbanization jeopardizing entire cities and their populations. At the same time, many regions suffer from the lack of essential ground and drinking water.

Minimization of the risk of flooding, renewal and optimization of the existing canalization system as well as drainage, storage and conservation of rainwater have become all the more important. The construction of state-of-the-art rainwater-pump-storage-stations, canalization systems as well as sewage plants can be mentioned as only a few notable support measures.

Our high-quality, durable and customized engines have proven over the years to be among the very best on the market. ELIN Motoren is thus proud to have made a significant contribution on the improvement of the situation on-site.

Product Overview Water Industry Motors

Individual Manufacturing of Electric Motors For The Water Industry

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures customized solutions for the water industry – contact our experts!

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