Process gases such as O2 (oxygen), N2 (nitrogen), C2H4 (ethylene) and many others represent a crucial component for intermediate goods in the oil and gas industry. ELIN Motoren is one of the global leaders in the field of drive technology for air separation units.

In this field, mostly high voltage slip ring motors within the range of 1 MW up to 30 MW are used. Due to the global presence of ELIN Motoren, the necessary technical characteristics of the engines are adapted to their particular field of application.

In order to avoid unnecessary transportation costs and redundant routes, process gas stations are very often built at the place of consumption. To start engines of high capacity on low network supply, it is pivotal to make certain arrangements. Profound experience and expertise as well as state-of-the-art calculation methods allow low starting currents with the highest possible efficiency. If auxiliary starting devices should be required, ELIN Motoren resorts to liquid starters, starting transformers, soft starters or converters. We collaborate with our customers in order to ensure the best possible individual solutions.

Individual Manufacturing Of Electric Motors For Air Separation Units

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures customized electric drives for your specific requirements!

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