Wind Generators For Offshore Wind Power Stations

Offshore wind power stations are wind farms on the sea established inshore.

Contrary to onshore stations on land, offshore stations are subject to relatively consistent wind conditions and highly average wind speed. Although these conditions generate higher power costs due to impeded and more complicated installation or expensive submarine cable, offshore wind power stations yield larger electricity outputs as a result of the consistent wind conditions and the greater turbine performance.

Competence For The World Market

ELIN Motors manufacture asynchronous double-fed generators (DFIG) as well as permanent-magnet-generators (PM), both of which are used worldwide. ELIN Motors have profound experience and expertise in the field of offshore wind generators und currently deliver generator main components to a world-leading offshore turbine manufacturer.

Individual Generators For Wind Power Plants

ELIN Motors develop and manufacture customized generators and generator single components (stators / rotors) for your specific requirements!

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