ELIN Motoren designs and manufactures electric motors with the highest degrees of efficiency. High voltage motors indicate levels of efficiency up to 98%. As a consequence, the previously supplied energy is almost entirely converted into propulsion energy. This unique type of propulsion solution is mainly employed in heat pump stations. Heat pumps use their natural heat loss caused by industry or environmental processes in order to resupply heat as energy for heating purposes.

In particular heat pump processes rely on the energy efficiency of the existing components. The asynchronous motor in this process is the most pivotal element of the heat pump.

ELIN Motoren offers their customers one of the most efficient drive lines in the field of heat pumps on the market. For compact solutions, ELIN Motoren utilizes water-jacket cooled asynchronous motors with a performance of up to 2,5 MW. For heat pumps which feed in urban district heating systems, we offer water-cooled drives up to 10 MW and higher.


Individual Manufacturing Of Electric Motors For Heat Pumps

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures customized electric drives for your specific requirements!

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