ELIN Motoren provides their customers with a full-range offer on energy-efficient engines for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. The transition to a CO2-reduced production in the entire petrochemical field has begun already and is considered a pivotal objective for ELIN Motoren. Our customers receive customized and energy-efficient products which reduce energy costs and thus contribute to a sustainable development within the industry.

Customer-specific design as well as customized drives for the particular applications are our daily business. Our low and high voltage asynchronous motors drive various pumps and compressors for transport, conveying and conversion system processes in the oil and gas industry. Adapted to their operational purpose as well as to location conditions, the particular cooling methods are defined. Especially in the oil and gas industry, locations with up to 55° Celsius and more are not uncommon. Cooling systems such as IC411, IC511 as well as IC611 masterfully cover all industrial challenges.

Crucial for the oil and gas industry are the issues of safety and reliability. ELIN Motoren offers their customers the explosion protection types Exeb, Exec, Exd (low voltage only) as well as Exp. This not only allows OPEX costs to be minimized but also provides a safe mode of operation for years to come.

Application Fields Of Electric Motors In The Oil And Gas Industry:

Low and high voltage engines by ELIN Motoren can be used in a wide range of fields in the oil and gas industry. In particular harsh environmental conditions of -40° Celsius in the cold of Russia or +55° Celsius in the Middle East prove a tough challenge. Due to the many years of experience in the field of electrical engineering along with excellent global references, ELIN Motoren has established itself as one of today’s leaders in the following fields:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical Industry (Refinery and Pipeline)
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Process Gases (Air Separation)
  • Heat Pump Processes

Cooling Systems For Motors In The Oil And Gas Industry

Colling Systems For Open Machines

  • Air-Cooled
  • Air-Cooled With One-Sided Pipe Connection
  • Air-Cooled With Two-Sided Pipe Connection
  • Air-Cooled With Weather Protection Setup

Cooling Systems For Closed Machines 

  • Air-Air Cooler
  • Air-Water Cooler
  • Tube-Cooler
  • Surface-Cooler
  • Water-Jacket Cooler
  • Water-Cooler


ELIN Motoren holds various renowned certifications of the maritime industry.

Certificates (extract): IEC, EX, UL, SA, EAC, PCEC, CCS, CRS, IRS, PRS, RINA, RMRS, etc.

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