Generators from ELIN Motoren are not only used in wind power stations but also in the hydro and gas/steam turbine sectors. They offer compact designs and durability. The construction is tailored to the customer’s installation in terms of electromagnetic, thermal, and structural dynamics. We maintain close communication with the customer throughout the design and engineering phases of each project. Meeting customer specifications is our primary focus.

Generators For Hydro Turbines

For the field of hydro generators, first and foremost salient-pole machines of low rpm and correspondingly high pole numbers are used. Drum rotors are also used for high-speed applications. The poles can be mounted onto the nub as a single pole or via dovetail joint. In case of smaller machines, the entire rotor sheet is lasered out of a round blank. Crucial for the mechanical design is the emerging additional load in radial and vertical direction.

Generators for Gas and Steam Turbines

For gas and steam turbines, typically 4-pole drum rotor generators are used. This design is chosen for the highest power outputs up to a height of 1400mm. For lower power outputs, salient-pole machines can also be used.

Generators for steam or gas turbines in the power range up to approximately 50 MW are usually designed as 4-pole synchronous machines with a synchronous speed of 1500 rpm.

Depending on the application and power, the turbine operates at significantly higher speeds. The required gearbox is implemented as a freestanding spur gear, freestanding planetary gear, or flange-mounted planetary gear. ELIN Motoren can offer a complete package of Generator and Gearbox from a single source for any application requirement. Gearboxes from VOITH BHS are used as partners in this regard.

As a particularly interesting solution with advantages in increased efficiency and reduced space requirements, ELIN Motoren can offer the generator with an attached and partially integrated planetary gearbox (E-Pack). As a turnkey solution, the gearbox-generator combination can be assembled and tested at ELIN Motoren.

Depending on the size of the machine and the application area, asynchronous machines are also used as generators, either connected to a frequency converter or directly to the grid. In this case, various cooling systems, including both air and water cooling systems, are available.

Individual Manufacturing Of Generators For Hydro / Steam/ Gas Turbines

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures solutions for your specific requirements!

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