Our product portfolio in the field of extruder motors comprises liquid-cooled three-phase asynchronous motors in low and high voltage.

Closed Cooling Systems For Extruders

The closed cooling concept of our asynchronous motors is a critical succes factor for the reliable operation of extruders. Our construction and design have proven themselves repeatedly under the harshest of conditions.

Extruder Motors – Product Range

Mainly 4 motor types are used for extruders depending on a performance range in between 30 and 3.000 kW. The applied motors are water-cooled squirrel-cage rotors of high and low voltage. MKS and PM excited rotors, water-cooled with additional ventilation are frequently used and stand out due to their reliable performance.

Size Comparison ELIN Type to AC Standard Motor

Water-cooled motors can be built more compactly than their air-cooled counterparts. Another technical advantage of ELIN Motoren is the exact adaption to the required operating point.

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Our electric motors for the plastic industry are perfectly matched to each application to achieve optimum efficiency for your plant.

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Individual Motors For Extruders 

Technological innovation and motor development are one of our key competencies. ELIN Motoren develops customized electric motor solutions and offer individual expert advice.

Your Advantages With ELIN Motoren:

  • Compact construction of motors
  • Constant torque of 0
  • Profound experience
  • Cooperationen with renowned extruder manufacturers
  • Pioneer of water-cooled motors since 1973
  • Highest level of flexibility concerning customer requirements

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Individual Manufacturing Of Extruder Motors

ELIN Motoren develops and manufactures electric drives for your specific requirements!

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