The portfolio in the field of industrial motors for the cement industry covers various, mostly air-cooled with a few water-cooled, electric motors. The cement industry with its tough environmental conditions up to 65° Celsius and large amounts of dust require robust and long-lasting engines with adjusted cooling solutions. ELIN Motors are specialized and adjust their engines to the requirements of the cement industry field. Your clear advantage: Our team of experts is at your disposal worldwide and assists you with any issue concerning your station.

Motors For The Cement Industry

  • Robust design with profound experience
  • Cooperation with renowned suppliers to facilitate heavy starting
  • 1:1 (Plug and Play Solution) exchange of existing third-party products
  • Support of customers with issues of stations – concerning new engines by ELIN Motors
  • W/WO automatic brush on slip-ring motors
Individual Manufacturing Of Electric Motors For Cement Industry

ELIN Motors develop and manufacture customized solutions for the cement industry  – contact our experts!

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