The new small hydroelectric power station in Kilandsfoss, Norway, will be equipped with Voith StreamDiver turbines, featuring eight permanent-magnet generators sourced from ELIN Motoren. These units will unleash an impressive 7.5 MW of energy, generating approximately 38 GWh annually. The deviating water flow conditions required a regulated version of the StreamDiver, equipped with a wicket gate mechanism.

An engineering feat, the generator seamlessly integrates into the turbine bulb nose and excels, especially in underwater environments. The exclusive use of permanent magnet machines is driven by their outstanding efficiency and light handling weight. The generators encompass specific manufacturing techniques, including tightly welded rotors and cast-in stator windings, necessitated by the water-filled “air” gap in the machine concept. Every generator undergoes an underwater type test to replicate real operational conditions, ensuring reliable performance in the field.

This solution stands out for its allure in terms of maintenance ease, cost-efficiency in construction, and favorable annual performance. StreamDivers allow for power creation at locations where conventional plants are not viable for economic or ecological reasons. Various power plant setups are available to meet specific project requirements.

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