ELIN Metal Kft.

The ELIN Metal Kft. operates its plant for the production of steel structures in Bátonyterenye. We show decades of experience in the manufacturing and processing of large steel structures. The ELIN Metal Kft.  has developed into an enterprise with more than 180 employees, thus, making it one of the most important industrial companies in its region. We are global players in the production of modern complete steel structures, engine and generator houses as well as parts of tunnel boring machines. All processing phases are carried out in Bátonyterenye ensuring that the end products are manufactured on time and in perfect quality.

We are certified according to EN 15085 thus meeting the high quality requirements of railway companies. The continuous development is based on our constant search for new and optimized technical solutions. This also includes our endeavor to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing processes itself. The investments made in recent years (paint booth, OKUMA lathe, fermat drilling and milling machines, new 320 ton CNC bending machine, new 4-roller hydraulic plate roller) have laid the foundation for our enterprise to meet the requirements of the 21st century. Further investments will be realized in the near future in order to start the manufacturing of new product lines.

As a company with a stable and reliable background, we are continuously seeking colleagues for our growing team in the following positions:

  • Steel structure fitter for high-quality steel structure manufacturing tasks
  • Welders for steel structures with TIG and / or MIG qualification
  • Drill-turn operator for work on conventional drill-turn-lathes and on CNC-controlled lathes
  • CNC operator with programming knowledge on horizontal drilling and milling machines (controls: NCT, Heidenhain)
  • IT Application Engineer to keep IT Systems running, speaking GERMAN

What We Offer

Long-term and secure positions, competitive wages and fringe benefits. We look forward to applications from experienced and young professionals who want to learn the basics of modern production and become part of a well-coordinated and dynamic team. Our company considers the training of new employees as a priority so that they can integrate as quickly as possible and become long-term members of our team.

Szabo Zoltan

zoltan.szabo@elinmetal.hu | +36 20 393 5812 | www.elinmotoren.at