ELIN Motors Bosnia

ELIN Motors Bosnia was founded in January 2015 as a subsidiary of ELIN Motors Austria. As of May 2020, the ELIN Motoren Group has been part of Voith International.

Over the last period, our enterprise in Bosnia has become a significant economic factor in the local Bosnian business area. As part of the ELIN Motoren Group, ELIN Motors Bosnia employs around 320 people and is located in  Zivinice, Tuzla Canton.

With a total of 27.000 sqm, out of which more than 9.000 sqm are reserved for production and logistics, we are able to provide assembly services for the following products:

  • Wind generators from 2,0 to 6,8 MW (low and high voltage)
  • Stator for offshore wind generator up to 14 MW
  • Stator windings for LV machines for industrial applications up to 1,6 MW
  • Rotor and stator windings for high voltage machines

Jobs / Open Positions

Below please find open positions at ELIN Motors Bosnia.

Strategic Purchasing:

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Process Engineer:

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Engines and generators in our factory are exported to the EU and used worldwide in the following areas: wind energy, construction of industrial plants, power plants, decentralized energy systems or small hydropower plants, tunneling and mining, plastics industry as well as ships, oil and gas.

We continuously strive to maintain the highest of quality standards in order to ensure the very best and safest products for our customers worldwide.