ELIN Motors offer countless water-cooled motor solutions for both low and high voltage engines with a performance range of 36 kW to 3 MW for explosion-hazardous areas such as underground mining.

Safety And Stability As First Priority

In underground mining, safety takes precedence over anything else. Due to our profound experience with efficient cooling systems, ELIN Motors are able to bring innovative and in-depth expertise onto the market. Beside safety, first-class quality and high-level durability are the most crucial elements in underground mining. The machines and engines used must withstand the harshest of conditions such as high humidity, vibrations, alternating loads, dust and extreme temperature differences. In particular downtimes are very cost-intensive and therefore prove to be a challenge in underground mining.

As a result of our extensive experience and global activity in the field, we know the challenges of the mining industry and have thus developed high-quality individual engine solutions made in Austria. Efficient and compact solutions are the most vital factors in underground mining rendering detail flexibility indispensible. Each and every motor is custom-engineered making every engine a unique item of ELIN Motors.

Motor Development For Mining Machines

Our water-cooled engines have proven to excel worldwide in various mining machines and applications:

  • Continuous Miner
  • Raise Boring Rig
  • Shearer Loader
  • Armoured Conveyor Belt
  • Feeder/Crusher
ELIN Motors – Your Expert For Electric Motors In Underground Mining
  • ELIN Motors is a pioneer in the construction of water-cooled engines which, among many applications, are considered technical standard and thus requirement.
  • ELIN Motors meet the requirements for continuously more compact, powerful and efficient applications and engine solutions.
  • ELIN Motors stand for highest flexibility concerning customer requirements. We are specialized on individual solutions in close collaboration with our customers.
  • ELIN Motors offer direct and fast communication as well as close collaboration with our customers in all stages of development.
  • ELIN Motors offer a vast body of accredited certificates (e.g. ATEX, IECx, MSHA, MA China, ANZEx, etc.)

Contact Person:
Andreas Draschl

Product Overview:
Following electric motors can be used in machines for underground mining:

  • dMKH
  • MKH
  • HKH
Individual Manufacturing Of Electric Motors

Wir develop and manufacture customized electric drives for your specific requirements!

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